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Fri, 2010-05-14 23:11


Participating companies will be ranked by their overall survey and practices scores. The covered dimensions factor in the most significant impact on employee satisfaction in the Saudi Arabian workplace environment.


The survey will be conducted with random samples selected from full-time employees of participating companies according to the following sampling methodology:


Total  No. of Employees  sample Size
5050 All Employees
1000  251
5000  1001    500
10000  5001   750
More Than 1000  1000


The survey uses a multi-dimension assessment questionnaires, same for both employees and each company’s top executives. Assessment dimensions include elements such as:


  Management Style & Leadership
  Job Role, Evaluation and Development
  Corporate Culture and Values
  Training & Development Programs
  Compensation and Benefits
  Direct Manager
  Rewards, Recognition & Performance Management
  HR Policies & Procedures
  Balance between Work and Personal Life



For further information about the Best Saudi Company to Work for Program and its methodology, please download the list brochure.